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Welcome to Son Sac Propane Service.

Requalification of ICC or DOT cylinder includes inspection of cylinder for: corrosion, dents, digs, proper foot ring, proper valve protection, correct valve, leaks, fire damage, broken welds, proper labeling, purging of cylinder if opened to the atmosphere, and filling the cylinder with propane.
All cylinders not passing inspection will be removed from service.

Be Safe! Never transport a propane cylinder lying on its side or without valve protection. Do not transport 100 pound cylinders in passenger vehicles.

Safely transporting 100 pound propane cylinders: 100 pound cylinders do not require OPD valves as they are not truly considered portable. There are two types of 100 pound cylinders. The newer style is made of thinner tempered steel and has a collar around the outlet valve for protection. The older style of thicker steel does not have a collar around the valve and requires a protection cap or ring that screw on the cylinder just below the valve. During transport, one of these forms of valve protection must be in place. The cylinder should be secured in an upright position in a vehicle compartment that is separate from the passenger compartment and open to the atmosphere, such as in the bed of a pickup. When the cylinder is refilled it will have to be removed from the vehicle, filled, and then put back in the vehicle for the trip home.

Beware of propane cylinders having heavy blue/green corrosion on the valves and moderate to heavy rust on the tank. This is a sign the cylinder has been used in the production of methamphetamines. If you find a cylinder with these signs: DO NOT TOUCH IT!!! The corrosion deteriorates the valve where it could explode and cause serious harm or possible death to anyone nearby. Call the police and have them dispose of it properly.

If you have any questions concerning propane filling, requalifying, safety, or transporting of cylinders please give us a call at 417-637-5555 or click Contact Us. We want our customers safe and happy!

Cylinder size Refill price Requalify a cylinder
w/OPD valve
Requalify a cylinder
w/o OPD valve
20 pound $19.49 $24.49 $44.95 $49.95
30 pound $29.19 $35.19 $55.19 N/A
40 pound $38.99 $43.99 $63.99 N/A
100 pound $99.99 $104.99 N/A N/A

All other size cylinders please Contact Us for pricing

ASME Tank Filling
Up to 25 gallons: $3.25 per gallon
Over 25 gallons: $2.99 per gallon
Prices subject to change

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